Feeling of Movement


CS029 / 2x12" / €18.00

experimental spyweirdos floridis avant garde electro-acoustic

Two years in the making, feeling of movement is the fruit of the collaborative work between Spyros Polychronopoulos and ten of the most interesting musicians of the greek avant scene.

With the musicians all recording in different acoustic environments the result is an imaginary cinematic sequence with a "feeling of movement" when listening to these outright transitions from one room to another.

Tania Giannouli
Nikos Veliotis
Vassilis Tzavaras, Babis Papadopoulos
Sotiris Ntouvas, Gianis Notaras
Floros Floridis, Stamatis Dellaportas
electric bass
George Palamiotis
bass clarinet
Floros Floridis
double bass
Spilios Kastanis
Spyros Polychronopoulos (Spyweirdos)

photography by Aris Michalopoulos, mastered at finyl tweek

The Hunt Is On


ABSTRACT002 / 2x12 / €14.00

dubstep breakstep dungeon

Six tracks of dark sounds, ranging from heavy minimal half step to breakstep and techno-influenced rollers.

Ekaros is an artist who doesnt care about genre categorizations, current trends or commercial appeal, dubstep at its truest form, designed for smokey basements and huge racks of subwoofers.

The sound design here is heavily influenced by techno and industrial music, offering a unique take on the slowly emerging dungeon sound, albeit one that Ekaros has been championing since his first album, Exhumating Ikaros, in 2006.



CS027 / 2x12" / €18.00


Relapxych.0 (Anders Peterson) returns with another release on creative space, this time a double album of his guitar based drone and ambient works. Late night listening with a distinct cinematic feel, Anders' digital and analog feedback is soothing and meditative, with field recordings of water and female voice giving a more earthly touch to the alienating soundscapes. The download version is a different mix to that of the vinyl.



CS026 / 12" one-sided etched / €8.00


A first collaborative release between Creative Space and Ghost Sounds, with an etched 12" and four pieces by Anders Peterson aka Relapxych.00, the recordings based around the concept of combining the organics of natural sounds with the harmonics of musical instruments and vocals, applying ambience onto rhythm, and rhythm onto ambience, expanding cinematic sound design into music, using the sound design and music element to design visuals, soundtracks to a film without picture.

Crisp production with pulsating sub frequencies create an engulfing ocean of sound, meditative, dark, no surprise Anders lists korean and japanese horror films as influences.



CS022 / 2x12" / €20.00

minimal ambient acoustic

Neon, after three releases in various labels, find shelter in creative space recordings in order to launch MORPHEE, their most ambitious album to date.

Deep drone ambient elements combined with 20th century classic French music influences give shape to a new musical hybrid, both exciting and introspective.

The three classic pieces by Erik Satie, Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy which are covered here set the tone for the hypnotic sound of MORPHEE, offering a journey in the past as well as in future.

Ten letters

Spyweirdos Aris Michalopoulos

CS019 / CD+DVD / €12.00


Creative Space presents Spyweirdos' (Spyros Polychronopoulos) new material in his collaborative project with Aris Michalopoulos, the follow up to his "Ten Numbers" cd and dvd release, an album based on field recordings with very tense parts.

"Ten Letters" is his most abstract work by far, with distorted fields and high frequencies creating melodies, taking the "ten" two concept albums in a different level. The video/dvd by Aris Michalopoulos is also in the same mood as the audio/cd with abstract layers and landscapes, building geometrical shapes, an expansion of the themes presented in "Ten Numbers" dvd.

The sound between us

Spyweirdos Floros Floridis

CS021 / CD / €10.00

experimental glitch jazz

Where experimental electronic / electroacoustic music meets free jazz.

Soundscapes as memories in a continuous battle with more specific forms. This album started to be recorded from 2003 and finished 2008, recordings took place in various locations which had a great impact on the music.

Coming from different roots, Spyros and Floros produce sound worlds based on field recordings, loops and acoustic reed instruments. They build a bridge between different aesthetics and take an adventurous trip: to find their personal language telling sound-stories, mixing styles and using different techniques. A proposal for anyone that loves music without boundaries.

Floros Floridis is considered one of the most important jazz musicians in Greece, with a background of teaching saxophon and music theory in universities and theatre schools, being the artistic director for various music events and festivals, composing music for short films, documentaries, feature films, theatre, being a producer for the national greek radio, founding the Jazz and Improvised Music Festival of Thessaloniki and directing it for 9 years.

He released his first album in 1979 and since then has played on numerous concerts in Europe and America, as well as collaborating with artists such as Peter Kowald, Paul Lytton, Paul Lovens, Phil Wachsman, Hans Schneider, Louis Moholo, Vincent Chancey, Jean Marc Montera, Pinguin Moschner, Mark Charig, Milos Petrovic, Okay Temiz, Ivo Papazov, Michalis Siganidis, Kostas Vomvolos, Dimitris Polizoidis, Argyris Bakirtzis, Yannis Mourtzopoulos, Ilias Papadopoulos, Savina Giannatou, Nikos Psofogiorgos, Nektarios Karatzis, Vagelis Tsotridis and Babis Papadopoulos among others.

Spyweirdos is arguably the best known greek experimental electronic producer right now, after releasing 5 albums and playing numerous shows throughout Greece and Europe, collaborating and having his material remixed by some of today's most important sound artists, including Alva Noto, Funckarma, Octex, Hecq, B. Fleischmann, Ollie Olsen, Traject, Murcof.



CS017 / CD / €10.00

experimental minimal electroacoustic ambient techno

Traject or Gísli Thór Gudmundsson was first heard in 2004 on the Ai records compilation "Station". The same year saw him releasing a mini lp for swiss super-label Spezial Material, gathering a lot of attention from the music press and enthusiastic reviews.

Since then he has stayed underground, working on his premier full length "Birting", the album which we are pleased to present now to you, offering 14 tracks of ice cold electronics, ritualistic ambient techno and obscure rhythmical experiments, with soundscapes shifting and transforming like liquid while the beats mutate into juxtaposition, seriously some of the most impressive electronica we have heard in years and one of our most ambitious releases!!!



ABSTRACT001 / 12" / €8.00

dubstep experimental

Creative Space delivers the first release on their Abstractions offshoot, giving birth to two severely mutated dubstep creatures from Oyaarrs and Cloaks.

Oyaarrs is behind the the original version of 'A La Holeage', a brutally visceral cavalcade of noise tortured sludge-step with a cinematic touch that's a current favourite with Mary Anne Hobbs and darkside steppers the world over.

Cloaks are roped in for the remix job, matching their peers on the flipside with equal aounts of dynamic distortion, but reducing the rhythm to a clanking halfstep pace with oozing subbass.


Stavros Gasparatos

CS018 / CD / €10.00

electroacoustic glitch modern classical

Stavros Gasparatos joins creative space for his premier release on the label, a selection of music commissioned and composed for various theatre and dance performances the last three years. Stavros has been working as a professional musician, orchestrator, producer and sound engineer since 1995, while also performing as half of group Gyro-gyro, together with A.Tsilfidis.

Rehearsals is a selection of tracks taken from 9 theatrical performances but stands perfectly well as a whole, enlightening the common aesthetics of these themes, merging the sounds of glitch electonica and electro-acoustic composition with modern-classical elements and acoustic instrumentation.

The musicians who participate in this album are : Dionisis Vervitsiotis - violin / Thodoris Altanis - violin / Kaiti Pantzari - cello Spilios Kastanis - contrabass / Kostas Georgopoulos - viola / Manolis Kontos - viola / Alexandros Tsilfidis - piano / DJ DDY - scratch / Stavros Gasparatos - piano, guitars, drums, electronics / Mastering by Spyweirdos / Design by Antidot Design Studio



CS020 / 12" / €8.00

dubstep electronica

Ekelon even though a newcomer to the dubstep scene, has managed to capture people's attention even before his first release.. Getting support from the biggest djs of the scene (Headhunter, Joe Nice, Mary Ann Hobbs to name a few) ekelon's dubplates have already shaken the dancefloors from athens to london, to new york!

This first release features the twins techrishe and techrine, two tracks written as a homage to a certain very influential electronica band, merging electronica with dubstep with unbelievable skill and production values, as well as the detroit influenced 7th soul and a remix of it by norwich bass-hero Sully, giving the original a more garagey feel, reminiscent of the golden era of horsepower productions' rein!!

artwork by a:formal

The killer's playground


CS015 / 12" / €6.00

dubstep experimental

Apart from 3 tracks back in 2004 for the hymen label, Matka has remained hidden from most of the public.

Four years after he comes strong with his debut 12" for creative space and his experiments with the dubstep sound, also bringing forth elements of electro and industrial.

Apart from his three productions for this release, we also got some special remix treatment from Moving Ninja, taking things to a more meditative ambient space, while Ekaros creates a slow brooding piece, at the borders of dubstep and electronica.

Into the night / Night of the hunter

Fragile Parson

CS024-XX024 / 12" / €8.00


A 4-track split 12" between two of texas' heaviest players, Parson and Fragile, with Parson treating us the a-side with dark rolling basslines, heavy atmospheres and metallic ritual rhythms balanced on the flip with Fragile's dark but soulful tracks, with 2-step rhythms and vocal snips, bringing in a retro feel which meets the futuristic structure of the dubstep sound.

Non fiction


CS016 / 2x12" / €12.00

experimental techno

Cane, an alias for Don and Roel Funcken, aka Funckarma, is a medium for their more dance-oriented tracks, 4x4 beats that constantly morph into alternating rhythmic forms, deep acid lines and electroid experiments.

With this release we take a glimpse at the various faces of their project, from deep techno excursions to high voltage electro beats, acid explosions and rhythmic juxtapositions, an ep of dancefloor devastating tech-tronica. You have been warned...

Don't give a shit


CS014 / 12" / €6.00

dubstep experimental

Creative Space's next dubstep release comes from the laboratory of Threnody, the man keeping the midlands bass heavy!!!

For this ep Threnody delivers some very unique sounds, blending heavy low end with breaks and glitch elements, from the harder dancefloor destroyers Dont Give a Shit and Want You from one hand, to the deep bass travels of Warning (a track dating back to the early days of dubstep) and the tribal ethnic elements on Down Low.



CS013 / 12" / €6.00

Starkey joins Creative Space for a 12" ep of his most emotional and genre bending material, dubstep in the broadest sense of the word, deep and intriguing bass heavy music.

"Angel", a soulful track with deep sub basses and a technoish groove, "Bang Bang the Witch is Dead", a darker piece suitable for the dancefloor, with a huge bassline on top of hard beats and a moody melody, "Drip" the deepest track of the release, a trip through the low end with an esoteric quality and finally "brilliance tones" the most experimental piece of the release, wonky decomposing rhythms reminiscent of AFX, invaded by evil bass!

Ten numbers

Spyweirdos Aris Michalopoulos

CS012 / CD+DVD / €12.00

experimental minimal

Creative Space, through this 12th release presents the new work of Spyweirdos, Spyros Polichronopoulos, an album of ten new tracks, which comes together with a dvd of 10 videos created by Aris Michalopoulos to accompany the respective cd tracks.

Ten numbers is the title and ten fully emotional sonic landscapes, in acombination of minimal glitch electronica and acoustic instrumentation. In this album Spyweirdos leaves behind 4x4 beats and his flirting with minimal techno throwing all the weight, instead, to the depth of sound and atmosphere with smart transitions from acoustic to electronic sound collages.

As in his previous work, the acoustic parts are not samples or pre-recorded parts, but themes written and recorded for the tracks. This marriage of acoustic and digital electronic takes place with extreme virtuosity, with the result being full of contradictions, bringing in mind the transition between day and night, hope and desperation, something obvious also through the videos which oscillate between black and white, light and darkness. The landscape is at times familiar, at others unknown and distant, a point where past and future meets…

Spyweirdos surely presents his most mature work, taking the listener through paths which lead at times to the sentimentality of electronica and at times to the awe of academic electroacoustic music.

The album was presented with the audio and visual part in live performance from Spyweirdos the 12th of January in Bios - Athens and 14th of January in Milos - Thessaloniki, together with a live performance from Murcof, who is also responsible for the post production of Ten Numbers.



CS009 / 12" / €6.00

dubstep industrial

Sully delivers his premier release, three tracks of hard as nails dubstep, with huge houvers, grinding rhythms and gabber beats, designed for those who like their bass music heavy and raw, as well as a fourth offering, flickers, showing his take on the 2-step sound, with deep basses, jungle elements and an eastern melody accompanied by retro vocal snips. Surely a name to look out for!

Amazing artwork from one of Greece's finest design teams, Errorism…

How to disintegrate / 7 ways to kill a tree

Spyweirdos Larvae

ECO001 / 2x3" CD / €15.00

experimental IDM glitch dub

Larvae side

American experimental artist Larvae supplies us with four tracks on the topic of recycling/waste.

Polemic Dub is the most subtle track of the disc, slow hypnotic beats, heavy atmosphere and a underlying dub element, an electronic track with feeling and warmth more reminiscent of post rock than electronica.

164 Spin is a idm/breaks track, Larvae even though this time taking a faster beats approach manages to make the track sound smooth, with a piano line on top of metallic beats, until the end when it gives place to a more aggressive explosion of distorted drumming.

How to disintegrate is again a calmer moment in the cd, starting with clean idm breaks and gradually evolving to an atmospheric based track with the beats disappearing in the background as a melodic line appears, reminding us that hope is the last thing remaining.

Finally, the disc closes with nothing ends, starting as the hardest track of the selection, distorted beats and industrial noises, which very quickly though give place to the outro of the track and the disc itself, glitchy rhythms and a slowly evolving pad.

Spyweirdos side

Spyweirdos (Spyros Polychronopoulos) decided to choose one of the most important environmental problems in Greece, forest fires.

The disc starts with a piano and glitch intro, setting the mood for Spyweirdos' side of the split. Come down again makes use of the piano this time on top of slow glitchy 4x4 drums while a cello line gives a feeling of something lost and never to be found again, certainly one of the most dramatic tracks Spyros has made. Swamp of sorrow is the darkest track, again a minimal techno approach to glitchy idm, a bit more upbeat than the rest of this selection, again accompanied by a cello but also adding this time a violin, giving a feeling of grandeur, most probably lost and never to be acquired again.

As the track progresses we can hear people on the background and even though their mumblings cannot be distinguished certainly the feeling is that of loss, anger and disturbance.

Desert people comes right after, this is a cold track with no beat, starts with a drone interrupted by glitchy noises and rings while a jazzy piano line can be heard in the very far distance, this track evidently talks about isolation, mankind's isolation from its environment.

The disc closes with an experimental noise track, sudden stops of sound energy and then restarting, each time giving more deepness and power to the sound. The mechanical feel of this track is broken by an almost unhearable pad which gives a more human touch and a feeling of sadness.

This progression of the tracks Spyweirdos chooses, from more acoustic and humane to more electronic/noisy/mechanical could reflect the way we are heading to, the destruction of all that connects us to nature and the replacement with manmade chimaeras.

All design by Paranormale for the repsyche monster, all photography by Xeni Taze.

published by creative space / all copyright belongs to the artists.

Destroy everything

Nam Shub of Enki

CS008 / CD / €8.00

dubstep drill 'n bass electro

The new Nam Shub of Enki album finally landed, "Destroy Everything" is a selection of some of Nam's best tracks, crossing boundaries from overdriven techno gabber to dubstep, electro, breakcore, always with that special character that made him reknown both from his releases and notorious live sets… As stated recently by a reviewer "Recommended to people who have had it with the conventional rules of dance music"



CS010 / 12" / €6.00

experimental techno acid

After shocking everybody last year with the infamous "unknown artist" 12" on Skam, the Funcken brothers are back with yet another release of top notch acidic electo, Four tracks of deep atmospheres, intricate drum programming and, as expected, crystal clear production.

Moving from the breaks side of electro, this time the dutch bros are focused on what could be described as electro-techno with an underlying grime influence, always keeping the experimental side of things in place.

Geometrias de silenzio


CS003 / CD / €8.00

The greek label Creative Space presents its third release which brings us nearer to Metropol, a project from the artist Mario GF (Barcelona).

His work is full of expressions and sensations; IDM tunes mixed with harmonic and hypnotic backgrounds, crunchy basses and mid-tempo loops.

In Metropol, Mario GF likes to introduce us to the most melodic and gentle side among his unlimited trends, creating a very personal atmosphere.

Taking advantage of the interaction of warm analogue sounds, Metropol also applies multiple resources of contemporary digital electronics.

Mario GF is the kind of musician capable to melt noises and samples within ethereal ambiences and deep melodies, occasionally offering a mid-feeling of mysticism to his songs, without leaving unattended the sharp flashes of the most extreme side of electronics.

With his music Metropol tries to recall, more than explain; to suggest more than express. This whole concept is surrounded by a full-of-melancholy emotional state, free and spontaneous that allows Mario to create a personal but familiar sound, spashed by little doses of emotion and feeling.

This cd holds some of the most precious, beaty, crunchy ambient techno we have heard in a fair while...: Rough Trade

Tengu moon

Rip n Eiji

CS001 / CD / €8.00

techno ambient lounge rock dub

A collaborative album between melbourne based Rip Van Hippy and tokyo based Eiji Shibata, guitarist of the experimental band Chofu Dark Ducks. A voyage through mid tempo psychedelia, a fusion of japanese folk influences, lounge music, techno and rock, with an ethnic touch and a distinct jazz character.


Ollie Olsen

CS007 / CD / €8.00

electroacoustic industrial noise

Ollie Olsen, composer, synthesist and sound designer,has been producing electronic and experimental music in Australia for the past thirty years.

Considered one of the cornerstones of the australian underground scene, Olsen has produced industrial music in the early 80's, deep house in the beginning of the 90's, psychedelic rock techno hybrids in the beginnings of 2000 and now is more directed towards experimental ambient and electro-acoustic music.

"Simulated" is his new album of electro-acoustic pieces, a culmination of over six years of work in the studio, a major recording project that signifies a leap in techniques and compositional ideas formulated over this time.

Like most of Olsen’s work this piece is really about the nature of reality itself - our relationship with reality and the cosmic truths behind that façade. Olsen was partially influenced by Jean Baudrillard’s writings on Simulacra, and also largely by Tibetan Philosophy and various Vedic texts on the notion of both Samsara and Maya, the great illusion.

In this piece there are stars clustered and perfect weaving change over vast time periods….too vast for human perception, but compressed in time to make these movements audible.There are choral sections with Doppler effects that suggest late nights dreaming, as the traffic drives by, leaving a range of choirs echoing in the mind. Of fireworks on a summer night. Of distant Tibetan horns heralding the dawn.

Simulated was created using many methods and softwares. Instruments and software synthesizers used were: a Balinese hand drum, an Indian banjo, voice, Metasynth, EMS Synthi AKS, Kurzwell K2000, cymbals and Tibetan singing bowls.The material was collated in Digidesign ProTools Free. Live recordings were later manipulated utilising GRM tools, Super Collider, MAX MSP, Pluggo Plug-ins, Hyperprism, etc.



CS006 / 12" / €6.00

IDM industrial

Metronique is the new project of Mario Ferrer (Metropol) and Nikka of Barcelona, Spain. Using a collage of analog and digital sounds their first ep “S-quare” presents five tracks ranging between deep ambient techno and idm, always bearing an industrial edge, as well as an ambient-breakcore remix by Ad Noiseam’s AZ Rotator.

Atmospheric pads, melancholic melodies, slow but heavy breaks are the elements of this release with metronique delivering a thought provoking ep full of feelings of loss, realization and hope.



CS005 / 12" / €8.00

minimal IDM glitch

Spyros Polychronopoulos or Spyweirdos, presents “loftcase”, an ep of four of his new tracks.

After 3 albums and a number of tracks released on both greek and international labels, Spyweirdos has settled into his style of slow dark glitch idm, capturing the interest of audiences in the numerous gigs he performed around greece, but also of many of today’s most respected electronic artists, leading to a number of remixes of his tracks.

Loftcase shows the different aspects of his work, from heavy industrial drumming with orchestral pads to slower, sweeter electronics, loop based minimalism or syncopated rhythmic experiments.



CS011 / CD / €8.00

experimental industrial breakcore

Metronique return with another release on Creative Space, this time in the form of an album of tracks representing the sound of their live performances..

While their first 12" release was showcasing their take on the idm sound, this album includes harder tracks, merging digital sound design with analogue synths, somewhere between the border of hard electronica and breakcore, with harsh industrial beats, heavy atmospheres and aggresive basslines, the album being dedicated to the greek riot police, who tried to raid their performance in Athens, tear gassing the event for more than 5 hours…

In the valley of mood

Nam Shub of Enki Kiki ill

CS002 / CD / €8.00

drill 'n bass

A long time performer and dj in the Brisbane (aus) underground dance scene, Phill Thomson aka Nam Shub Of Enki has been creating some of Brisbane's most massive electronic/dance tracks, moving on from early days creating trance towards a greater emphasis on techno and breaks. His musik is a bass heavy genre-destroying mash-up designed to ignite dancefloors. He has released two albums and has had several tracks on compilations under different pseudonyms. After a long wait between albums, Thomson's new opus "The Nam Shub Of Enki Meets Kiki Ill in The Valley Of Mood" is a virtual "best of", containing tracks created at various points over the past four years, pitting his Nam Shub and Kiki Ill monikers against each other in a bass-heavy battle to the death. Thomson has been hard at work creating a psychotic career-spanning album sure to give your ears and your feet a work out, promising "some punishing brutal bits, some bass heavy slower breaks, some banging techno". Here you have it, pounding bass and distorted beats, friendly drill n bass, noisy downbeat breaks, nasty samples about chocolate speedways, Thomson is either very angry, or has an extremely twisted sense of humour - it may be a little from column A and a little from column B!!!

I am the server

Ollie Olsen

CS004 / CD / €8.00

electroacoustic industrial noise

Ollie Olsen, composer, synthesist and sound designer,has been producing electronic and experimental musicin Australia for the past thirty years.Some recent collaborations and projects include performing with Negativland (from USA-2001); worked on electronic component of Australian composer Richard Mills' opera, Batavia (2001); guest soloist with the Australian Art Orchestra (2002); recorded with japanese bands Boredoms and AOA (2001-2002), composed sound for Andrew Gartons D3 installation at ACMI (2003); performed five shows as part of Damo Suzuki's Network (2004/2005); sound designing for special effects for Zhang Yimous film "House of the Flying Daggers" (2004).

The "I Am The Server" project is an adventure through dark corridors, with minimal beats and haunting soundscapes, mixing analog warmth with metalic digital sound design. The album consists of six long tracks, but could easily be considered as one 54 minute head-cleansing epic, where Olsen dares to take the listener to the far ends of human(?) consciousness.

The music incorporates elements from ambient drones, dsp heavy sound designing, noise and even a hint of techno. There is an obvious human element throughout the album, even though the composition is full of futuristic scenes and artificial dystopias, perhaps I Am The Server is the point where man meets the machine or actually where the machine learns to think as a man.